Inspiring midlife women to become leaders and change-makers

Caroline Bublik, Lead Coach

I get a huge kick out of seeing my clients become the best versions of themselves and go on to inspire and support their families and friends to do the same. As a qualified Life and Performance Coach with oodles of experience and a burning desire to change the world for women like me, I run InspireMe Coaching to encourage and empower women to put themselves first, perhaps for the first time in a long time.

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      What Others Say About The Book

      "Caroline’s Steps To Midlife Mastery eloquently captures the “midlife” inertia we can easily lean toward when we find our assumed roles shift as our children grow independent of us. As a long time single working Mum I’ve found it pretty tough to make my own life about me rather than my wonderful girls and as they grow to be gorgeous independent young women I have questioned my own purpose in life. What do I want from my life? What are my own goals? I would recommend Caroline’s insightful coaching to anyone - teaching and guidance offered gently and without patronising, it encourages a new way of thinking. Well worth the read!"

      Eva Rawlins